Feb. 2004 Spring Petition
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    In late January and February, over eighty residents of the Dranesville District, including all the residents of Crutchfield Street and many other near neighbors of Burke's Spring, signed a petition, addressed to Planning Commissioner Nancy Hopkins and Supervisor Joan DuBois, with the following text:

    We, the undersigned, believe that Burke's Spring and Burke's Spring Branch are important environmental and historical resources for our community, and for Fairfax County as a whole. We urge you and county staff to work with Winchester Homes to create a plan for Stockwell Manor (RZ/FDP 2003 DR 031) that preserves the spring and springhouse foundation on common land accessible to the general public, and that protects water quality by preserving the natural streambed of Burke's Spring Branch and as many of the trees and other native plants buffering the stream as possible.

    Watershed Map & Areas of Interest/Concern
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