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    This page is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for letters and other documents Haycock-Longfellow neighbors have written expressing concerns about development in the watershed, and other issues affecting Burke's Spring Branch. Please email letters you'd like included in this listing to Cathy Saunders, preferably as Word attachments; I'll post any letter as long as it includes at least some discussion of environmental issues. Since these letters will not be edited in any way, neither the webmaster nor the Friends of Burke's Spring Branch can assume responsibility for their accuracy. If anyone wants to post a correction to or comment on any document here, email it to me, and I'll post it just below the document.

    If you'd like to contact our planning commissioner, Nancy Hopkins, or our Supervisor, Joan DuBois, you'll find contact information on the how to participate in the planning process page.


    Letters and Testimony Regarding Camberley Homes' Stockwell Manor Development (originally proposed by Winchester Homes, of which Camberley Homes is a division)

    9-26-03 letter from Cathy Saunders and Crutchfield Neighbors to Mendelsohn and DuBois

    Dec. 2003 FOBSB EQAC testimony

    Mark Zetts' Dec. 2003 EQAC Testimony

    2-16-04 letter from Anne Morrison re: Historic Preservation

    February 2004 petition calling for preservation of Burke's Spring & its surroundings

    March 2004 Westhampton Civic Association Letters

    3-14-04 letter by Cathy Saunders re: Dating of Dye/Burke House & Other Historic Preservation Issues

    EQAC Resolution Re: Perenniality of Burke's Spring Branch on Winchester Site (Presented by Frank Crandall, Dranesville EQAC Rep., to Planning Commission)

    FOBSB Planning Commission Testimony

    3-20-04 follow-up by Ron Nowak to Planning Commission Hearing

    10-11-05 email by Cathy Saunders expressing concern with sedimentation downstream of site


    Letters and Testimony Regarding Chesterbrook Residences, Inc. (CRI, formerly known as Chesterbrook Affordable Assisted Living Facility/CAALF)

    Dec. 2003 FOBSB EQAC testimony

    Mark Zetts' Dec. 2003 EQAC Testimony

    McLean Province HOA Planning Commission Testimony

    Cathy Saunders' Planning Commission Testimony

    Kirby Court HOA Planning Commission Testimony




    Watershed Map & Areas of Interest/Concern
    Historic Watershed Maps Activities

    Links & Sources

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